Wednesday, 13 February 2013


“Captain, you’ll kill us all!” Gibbs shouted. “Trust me Gibby!” She screamed. You could hardly hear anything over the grinding of the engines. The captain flung her head back letting her hair fly in the blinding wind, “You sure about this Ma’am?” Gibbs sighed. “ I've never been more sure of anything, ever Gibbs!” She replied. “It’s just… the crew are a little worried that’s all.”  He stammered “So, you’re scared then Gibbs?” The captain giggled.

The ship was being flung through the air above Arboria “She’s not even stable captain! We ARE going to die!” he shouted “Have faith, we’ll be fine… live while you’re ‘young’?”  She smiled “It’s not a very trust worthy ship though is it Ma’am?” he sighed “She was my mother’s ship Gibbs, I trust her as much as my shoe obsessed mother did all those years ago!”

“Oh come on her name is ‘The Edward Teach’ you are the only one of us that knows what that actually means!” He sighed “Shut up Gibby, and trust me... You only live once!” the captain screamed. Suddenly the crew appeared from below decks and went about their business looking surprisingly nervous. The captain wandered over to the only other female on the vessel ‘Led’. “Led, why does everyone look so, so nervous?” she  enquired “they’re feeling a little air sick!” Led giggled.

“Well then, give me a sec!” the captain smiled as she wandered towards the centre of the deck and coughed loudly. Suddenly the entire ship was silent except for Led giggling in the corner knowing all too well what was coming. “Right you scurvy dogs! A little birdie has told me that some of you little rats are getting a little bit air sick! Is this true Jacko?  She spun around to face one of the weedier and newer of the crew they’d picked up at Muerta “Y-y-yes Ma’am.” He whimpered.

 “I THOUGHT SO!” she shouted “You make yourselves out to be the best of the flipping best, but can’t even handle a little acceleration! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!” She screeched. “YOU HEAR ME, YOU UGLY DOGS?!?”

“YES CAP’N!” The crew bellowed. The captain now almost purple in the face strutted back to Led “High 5?” Led asked “oh go on then… was it okay?” the captain giggled “Okay? O-FLIPPING-KAY? Did you see their faces? they were sat there like ‘please don’t kill me!” Led smirked.

And then there was a strange popping noise “Gibbs! Johnny! Get to the core now and put your goggles on this time!” The captain bellowed “You’ll be the death of us cap’n, I swear it!” Led laughed…

Today’s blog was requested by a lady who isn't feeling very well at the moment, get well soon Led xx 

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