Wednesday, 13 February 2013


“Captain, you’ll kill us all!” Gibbs shouted. “Trust me Gibby!” She screamed. You could hardly hear anything over the grinding of the engines. The captain flung her head back letting her hair fly in the blinding wind, “You sure about this Ma’am?” Gibbs sighed. “ I've never been more sure of anything, ever Gibbs!” She replied. “It’s just… the crew are a little worried that’s all.”  He stammered “So, you’re scared then Gibbs?” The captain giggled.

The ship was being flung through the air above Arboria “She’s not even stable captain! We ARE going to die!” he shouted “Have faith, we’ll be fine… live while you’re ‘young’?”  She smiled “It’s not a very trust worthy ship though is it Ma’am?” he sighed “She was my mother’s ship Gibbs, I trust her as much as my shoe obsessed mother did all those years ago!”

“Oh come on her name is ‘The Edward Teach’ you are the only one of us that knows what that actually means!” He sighed “Shut up Gibby, and trust me... You only live once!” the captain screamed. Suddenly the crew appeared from below decks and went about their business looking surprisingly nervous. The captain wandered over to the only other female on the vessel ‘Led’. “Led, why does everyone look so, so nervous?” she  enquired “they’re feeling a little air sick!” Led giggled.

“Well then, give me a sec!” the captain smiled as she wandered towards the centre of the deck and coughed loudly. Suddenly the entire ship was silent except for Led giggling in the corner knowing all too well what was coming. “Right you scurvy dogs! A little birdie has told me that some of you little rats are getting a little bit air sick! Is this true Jacko?  She spun around to face one of the weedier and newer of the crew they’d picked up at Muerta “Y-y-yes Ma’am.” He whimpered.

 “I THOUGHT SO!” she shouted “You make yourselves out to be the best of the flipping best, but can’t even handle a little acceleration! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!” She screeched. “YOU HEAR ME, YOU UGLY DOGS?!?”

“YES CAP’N!” The crew bellowed. The captain now almost purple in the face strutted back to Led “High 5?” Led asked “oh go on then… was it okay?” the captain giggled “Okay? O-FLIPPING-KAY? Did you see their faces? they were sat there like ‘please don’t kill me!” Led smirked.

And then there was a strange popping noise “Gibbs! Johnny! Get to the core now and put your goggles on this time!” The captain bellowed “You’ll be the death of us cap’n, I swear it!” Led laughed…

Today’s blog was requested by a lady who isn't feeling very well at the moment, get well soon Led xx 

Friday, 1 February 2013


It’d been about 4 years since we’d seen other humans, or known what time it was. Daniel was the youngest of us being only 15, Hannah was 16 and a half and I was 16, Hannah was definitely the hardest to keep alive, and when Daniel was in a mood or thinking I’d have to keep them both alive; it was even harder at night, because I was such a light sleeper and they just weren't.  I’d wake up at a frog jumping into a pond at the other side of the planet, whereas they’d only wake up if there was a xenomorph sat on their face.

“My arm hurts again.” Hannah sighed as we got back to camp; you touched the core didn't you?” I said, “Yeah, this one was cold though.” Hannah whispered “they stay radioactive for about 100 years, you do realise that don’t you?” Daniel chuckled.

 Daniel and I sat and laughed at Hannah’s foolishness whilst sterilising the meat we’d found on the ship.

It tasted okay, a bit radioactive, but okay. It was honestly like I was their mother, they wouldn't be alive if I  wasn't there to cook for them, and Hannah could probably have starved to death if she got locked in Asda, they were like 5 year olds constantly hungry, bored or overexcited.

 I was torn from my thoughts by Hannah screaming, she walked out of the pod in a panic “there is one of them radioactive spiders in the bathroom, AGAIN!” she squeaked, and then they both turned and looked at me. “Dan, why don’t you do it?” I laughed; Daniel was terrified of them so I grabbed his glass just to annoy him more, and wandered into the pod. “Hannah how big did you say this spider was?” I shouted, “OHEMGEE! IT WAS HUGE!” she replied; I chuckled as I looked at the penny-sized spider, scooped it up and threw it out the window.

Later that night Daniel and I sat next to the fire trying to figure out the best way to move Hannah without her waking up, “You grab her head!” Daniel laughed before running towards Hannah and grabbing her feet; I ran up and lifted her head “Which room is hers?” Daniel asked “Pink door…” I replied, we took her inside and lay her on her bed.

As we strolled back to the fire I remembered something. “Dan guess what I found on the ship?” I smirked, “What?” he said finally paying attention. “I found sugar! We can make marshmallows!” I squeaked “And toffee!” he added. I grabbed a pan and the sugar out of my duster.

I can’t remember what happened after that, but I woke up with a sugar induced headache and a tutting Hannah in my face “don’t save me any then!” Hannah smiled “there’s more sugar my coat pocket.” I laughed, trying to make my eyes focus. “Dan is making breakfast!” she added “Dan? Breakfast? Dan’s making breakfast?” I couldn't get my head around what she’d said, “The sugar must’ve done him some good!” Hannah giggled, “I CAN hear you!” Daniel shouted…  

Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Wreckage!

Yeah, this is just a random story that my cat could probably have written better with her face…

“Over there!” I screamed to Daniel and Hannah, they both turned towards me obviously not understanding what ‘over there’ meant. “NO, that way!” I repeated, pointing towards the purple smoke in the distance. “OH!” they sighed in unison “IT’S SOOO PRETTY! COME ON, LETS GO YAY, YAY, YAY!” Hannah squealed getting over excited as usual.

Sometimes I really wondered why I’d chosen them to come with me, but it was cool me and my two best friends hunting for alien ships out here on Arboria. There’d been 4 of us in the beginning until ‘the thing’ came, we never saw John again after that night. No matter how clumsy or over excited we got, we’d always stuck together just the 3 of us, and well you kind of would after your crew left you on a forgotten planet.

As we got closer we could smell leather and burning metal, “Why does this smell so familiar?” Daniel finally piped up “exactly what I was thinking!” Hannah giggled, she’d always been weird and not all there really, but she was fun so we tried to keep her alive. “The old shoe shop.” I panted “What?” Daniel sighed, not really listening “it smells like the old shoe shop!” I laughed “Oh the one on that street with the other one?” Hannah squeaked. “That’s the one!”

We turned and looked at Daniel who was whispering to himself trying to understand how I understood her mystical language of mumbles and squeaks, we giggled.

We finally came to a clearing containing the wreckage of a once great airship, “looks like a big one!” said Daniel somehow finding his long lost enthusiasm. “YES IT DOES YAY!” Hannah squealed… “Yeah calm down now Han!” I said after seeing the scared look on Daniel’s face.

I walked over to what once was the prow and rubbed it a bit to remove some of the ash “The Edward Teach!” I exclaimed. “Huh?” Daniel said whilst trying on a pair of pirate-like boots “she was called the Edward Teach!” I explained just before losing my balance and ending up sat on Hannah’s lap. There was a lot of laughter whilst we were searching the rest of the ship.

“OHEMGEE!!! Look at these!” Hannah beckoned to me holding up the most beautiful, slightly singed, pair of knee-boots I had ever seen, “they’re your size…” I sniggered; it was obvious that they were too big for her because she was only 4’6. “Okay guy’s get what you want and lets go its getting dark.” I shouted because they were about 70 feet away from me. They both sighed “You are both like 5 year olds you know that?” I giggled and began to head back to camp…

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oh Nothing Dear

And the final part…

Charlotte’s POV

I could hear the thoughts going through his head as he walked out of the café, they disgusted me, but I put on my cheekiest smile because I had a job to do… and I was determined to prove myself to Aiden.

 He stood about 5 feet away from where I was, smirking to himself so I decided to make the first move, a smile, a giggle and that was it I was his next victim, or so he thought they never know that they’re next, but I guess that was the whole point.

Everything was going great until I got this feeling, one I’d never felt before, it was like butterflies in my stomach and pounding in my head… I’m still not sure whether it was excitement or fear. When we finally but back to his apartment I could feel a presence, and hear a faint crying I recognised the voice, I thought for a moment.

I knew there was something  there I could feel it watching me, trying to tell me something and I also knew that if I wanted to hear it, I’d have to concentrate my powers on her and if I did I’d have no strength left to complete the task, so I chose to ignore it and carry on.

I’d never believed in ghosts until that night, I shook myself off and carried on talking, I could still hardly  keep myself on task. My mind was racing, my heart was beating but at least I was still alive right?

I had chills and I couldn’t breathe properly “pull yourself together Charlotte!” I heard someone shout. I immediately screamed, and by the look on Joseph’s face I was the only one that had heard it, “Oh god! Did you hear that?” I screamed, whilst racking my brain trying to find an excuse.

“I heard a car go past?” Joseph said… “Oh, okay I just thought I heard a voice sorry…” that was when I decided that enough was enough. I stood up and walked towards him, scanning the room “Where do you think you’re going?” Joseph screeched. “Oh no where dear…” I sighed as I grabbed him by the neck and dragged him across the room towards the door. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He choked “oh nothing dear...” I sighed as I slammed his head against the glass doorknob. The room suddenly became cold, as his cold dead body hit the floor.

Then she appeared, tears steaming down her face and a cut on her neck, I stared at her white face. “Firefly?” I questioned… “Thank you.” She whispered and then disappeared. I went over to the lamp and tilted the shade, smashed the window and jumped out. I took off my bloody shirt and trousers, and put them in my bag.

I strolled towards the subway, my heels clicking and a smile upon my face, when I got back to Aiden’s office I was greeted by a crying Collette and a very proud looking Aiden , it’d been a very good day…

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Plan

And part 3…

Aiden’s POV…

It had been 3 hours since she left, but I was still pacing my office thinking about the death behind her eyes, and the undying happiness in her voice it really confused me, she really confused me. How could she do what she did, every day with a smile on her face and a spring in her step?

I was burst from my bubble by Collette (my secretary) screaming my name… “WHAT?” I screeched as I walked down the damp-smelling hallway towards her desk, “Y-y-you have to see this!” her eyes fixed on one of the many monitors on her perfect desk, I stood by her side, and scanned the monitor marked ‘cam 7’ and what I saw shocked me almost as much as Charlotte herself.

There he was in all his glory Mr Joseph Haley, sat in the local Warsbucks, “I-i-it can’t really be him can it?” Collette stammered. “no it can’t be… it’s impossible.” I said with a slight stutter. But what I saw after that shocked me more than anything, because then she walked through the door… Charlotte walked through the door! She turned round, looked up at the camera and winked.

Right then was when I began to trust her, but it still confused me how she knew he was there before we did, it was obvious there was a lot she hadn't told me. She went and up and leaned over the counter, I could see him looking her up and down, then I realised what her brilliant plan was... “Genius!” I exclaimed as she walked out of the café. “WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING, HE’S RIGHT THERE!” Collette screamed not realising the absolute genius of the situation.

Charlotte got out of the door, and lent against the glass wall, Joseph’s face lit as he stood up and headed for the door, “Ooooh, clever isn't she?” Collette squeaked finally catching on, “uh-huh.” I sighed not really listening.

I strode back to my office, my head held high, and full of thoughts of that mysterious girl…  

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Assassinatress

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Charlotte’s POV…

I could tell that he was nervous at first, I could also tell there was a lot about him he thought only he knew, he was troubled, almost alone, he felt isolated in his dusty office but the smile on his face and the thoughts in his head told me that he enjoyed his job, but in this line we all do, killing people without them knowing is fun, in some messed up sense…

We sat at his desk and talked about the case, I tried to make a joke but I’m not funny so that failed, he couldn't get his head around how I was so calm, but after killing over 9000 people you stop caring.

This was one of the smallest cases I’d ever done (1 man 156 kills) I expected something more… challenging, from the executive of T.L.A (The Last Assassins) they usually have some of the best and most challenging cases I've ever heard of… you have to be the best, of the best to come out alive, that’s the kind of case I wanted.

It was still obvious that he was impressed at my work; I've only been doing this for 2 years but I’m the best in the business, but for some unknown reason I trusted him… I mean I told him my name, something I’d never told anyone else, not since I became an assassin anyway.

He was challenging me, it was clear as glass now… he’d heard that I was the best, but wasn't sure, it was also clear that he knew that I knew … legend has it; after what happened to Firefly, he just hadn't been the same, Firefly was his best agent, and his Daughter, he sent her out on a case to kill this ‘Joseph Haley’ man and she never came back, but I guess you wouldn't be all there either would you really…

I picked up the file and strolled out of the office, he shouted something after me but I was too excited about proving myself to listen. I always get this feeling, never known why, but it’s pretty much a mix between pure anger and pure excitement, it’s what makes me become the predator I trained to be.

As I got on the train I could hardly keep still, the boiling blood rushing through my veins, and it’s when I feel like this, begin to clearly read people, I've been able to read minds since I was a young child, but never as clearly as when I began the assassinations, something just clicked then… that’s how I knew I was ready…    

Friday, 25 January 2013

Invaders MUST Die!

Yeah the title actually has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual blog, well it might I'm not even sure yet... I'm just kinda addicted to The Prodigy at the moment… but anyway I thought I’d try and write you a story.

 There she was, stood in the doorway of my age old office looking as mysterious as ever, I’d always admired her, and her work obviously, even though she must’ve been at least 20 years younger than me. I looked her up and down, long black hair scraped back into a perfect high-ponytail, grey-blue eyes staring intently at the file on my worn out desk. “You should really clean up this place.” She smirked, she was no where near as stuck-up as I’d thought she’d be.

“Terrible isn't it?” I giggled like a little girl, as she wandered closer, still staring longingly at the file. I felt beads of sweat forming on my forehead “pull yourself together Aiden; you are more professional than this!” The voice in my head screeched. “Urmm t-t-take a seat Miss.” I finally gathered up the courage to say. She looked confused; you could tell her mind was somewhere else far, far away. She shuddered and then brushed off a dusty stool on the opposite side of my desk.

“Please, call me Charlotte.” She whispered, so as my secretary wouldn't hear, she was normally know as the poltergeist you see, I was never quite sure why but legend has it that there was always one thing,  almost unnoticeable, slightly out of place. A vase or a slightly tilted lampshade, things like that. But anyway… “Here, Charlotte, take a look at this.” I said finding my confidence. She opened it and began to read, her eyes lighting up, “Joseph Haley, I recognise that name.”  She thought out-loud “he’s well known in your line of work, I mean look there.” I said pointing at his kill list containing over 100 names.

“156 kills not bad, I’m kinda impressed.” She smiled. “Let’s just not let it be anymore, that’s what I brought you here for.” I sighed, not sure whether to be annoyed or confused at how laid back she was being about the whole situation, “he can’t kill anyone else, I get it, but it’s kind of ironic don’t you think?” she laughed.

Thought for a moment confused at how she found such humour in the situation. “Ironic?” I finally questioned, “Yeah ironic, you are asking me, an assassin, to kill him, a serial killer, It's not the norm for me, i'm used to urmm... 'bigger' cases, I think it’s ironic sorry…”

I still struggled to understand her humour, but she is an 18 year old assassin, I had to give her some credit …